plant-midwest-originalJohn Mark is the leader for the rePLANT strategy in the plantMIDWEST, a network spread across the Midwest including, St.Louis, Detroit, Chicago, Kansas City, and Springfield/Ozark, MO. Our network is framed by a historic, Baptist doctrinal commonality. Our vision is to partner with existing churches to plant gospel-centered, Spirit filled, missionally-focused churches in and among the various neighborhoods and people groups throughout the Midwest.

Right now, at this very moment, there are movements taking place. Jesus movements, movements orchestrated and empowered by God the Father to take His Gospel to a fast changing world. Movements are happening in places like India, China, and other Asian regions. We ask, “why not here?” We desire to see a similar such movement here in the urban, suburban, and small town populations that make up the Midwest. There are no stars, there are no simple formulas; there is our hero Jesus and His story.

To facilitate this movement, plantMIDWEST hosts quarterly gatherings that focus on praying, learning, and connecting. We can also engage with church planter assessments and church planter coaching.

rePLANT seeks to work alongside plantMIDWEST with churches in our region that are near the point of closure to provide a pathway to new life that is built on a solid foundation of highly contextualized gospel focused ministry. We call these rePLANTS Legacy Church Plants. While we acknowledge that dying churches once had a legacy of ministry, we are committing for God’s glory and the joy of the remaining members to ensure a new legacy of effectual, gospel saturated ministry that makes disciples who make disciples which results in community transformation. We can provide assistance with Legacy planter assessments, Legacy site assessments, and various Legacy coaching opportunities.