Wornall Road Baptist Church

Take three minutes to watch the video below to learn more about Wornall Road Baptist Church.

Wornall Road began in 1921 by a group of people who had recently moved to the new Kansas City suburb of Brookside.
After years of effective contextualized ministry that greatly impacted our city and our world, Wornall Road, like so many churches, began to lose its passion for the simple truth that the church needs to be making disciples who make disciples, which results in community transformation. As a result, the church entered a period of slow decline, which subsequently led the church to focus even more attention on those who remained rather than those who were unreached. During this period newer suburban communities were growing further south and west of the city. This church that had once been a community focused church became a commuter church, with many of its members driving back into the city to attend church rather than to be the church. The church struggled to pass off real leadership to the next generation and they began to drift from a commitment to the fidelity of Scripture and sound theological doctrine.

By 2006, this once dynamic and impacting church had dwindled to less than 20 mostly elder members attending worship. At that time these remaining members faced a hard choice: close the doors or change. Under the leadership of the Holy Spirit they chose to change. This began the process of what we now call Legacy Church Planting; planting a brand new church within a dying church. Sounds impossible, doesn’t it? It is in fact impossible without the moving and power of God upon that dying church. But when a dead church comes back to life the community can’t ignore that our God is a great God, and that something very out of the ordinary has happened. God gets all the glory when a dying church comes back to life.

Today, Wornall is a highly contextualized neighborhood church where half of those attending could walk to church. It is an entirely multigenerational church with the majority group being those under 35 years of age. It is a church that has directly planted or provided major assistance to plant nine churches in the past seven years. The majority of our daughter churches have at one time shared or still share our building. We are thrilled to provide this grand old building as an incubator for new church plants that move out across our city.
We also have a one year residency internship for young men who are called to replant dying churches. We also coach and walk alongside dying churches as they embrace replanting themselves.

We are highly committed to living out the gospel of Jesus as we serve our schools, crime victims, teenage moms, the homeless, university students, people dealing with aging parents and an ever growing number of ministries that seek to heal hurt as we live out our faith.
We are living proof that dying churches can live again.

Check out this video about how Wornall Road is serving the students at Southwest High School, located just two blocks from the church building.