PlantKC_LightBGJohn Mark is the team leader for the plantkc church planting network.  This is a network of church planters throughout the five county metro Kansas City area. Plantkc is a part of the plantmidwest network of church planters.

Right now, at this very moment, there are movements taking place. Jesus movements, movements orchestrated and empowered by God the Father to take His Gospel to a fast changing world. While the world changes, His Gospel never does and it is His Gospel that contains the power to transform a person as well as a city.

Movements are happening in places like India, China, and other Asian regions. We ask, “why not here?” We desire to see a similar such movement here in the urban, suburban, and small town populations that make up the Kansas City. There are no stars, there are no simple formulas; there is our hero Jesus and His story.

To facilitate this movement plantKC hosts quarterly gatherings, church planter assessments, church planter coaching, various  training and connecting opporunities for church planters, potential planters, existing church pastors, leaders, and street missionaries. These people come from different places throughout the Metro. plantKC is identifying with the historic principles of partnership and cooperation around the essentials which helped to build the Southern Baptist Convention.