Legacy Church Planting Center

logo_colorThe Wornall Road Legacy Church Planting Center exists to develop leaders and coach churches through the replant process so that dying churches will experience new life that results in new disciples who make disciples which transforms the community in order that the gospel will be made known and God will be made much of.

Our Story

In 2006, Wornall Road Baptist Church in Kansas City, MO, found itself at the point of closure. After decades of successful ministry which included attendance of over 500 each week, Wornall found itself with less than 20 in weekly worship and financial resources that were totally exhausted. At this point, our church embarked on a new mission. We chose to replant ourselves upon the legacy of missions and evangelism that had decades earlier defined Wornall’s ministry. Within six years we had grown to more than 150 in weekly attendance and we had planted or helped to plant 10 new churches.
Many of our new daughter churches have shared our building. Additionally, we have been able to come alongside several dying churches and provide coaching and leadership to effect positive change. The process of replanting has become known as Legacy Church Planting. As a result of our successful replant, we are committed to helping dying churches realize new life and contextualized mission once again.

We would love to share what we have learned in hopes that churches would be replanted, the Gospel be made known and God be made much of.